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Contest details- "Chip Draw" rules and details

How the contest works:

Chips are numbered for this contest from 1 thru 300, 300 being the maximum number. One chip is draw randomly at a time by a participant.  The number written on the chip drawn represents the dollar value in USD that the participant has to pay for that entry (chip) to have a chance to win the car.  Payment for the value of the drawn chip by the participant must be made immediately after the participant draws the chip. Once the participant physically draws a chip from the undrawn chips, the participant is responsible for payment of that chip value. By physically drawing a chip, the participant agrees that they are legally obligated to pay for the chip. Any payment not completed by any person who has drawn a chip will void the transaction with that participant and the chip they drew will be placed back with the remaining undrawn chips to be drawn by another participant. All transactions are considered final upon payment received. There are no refunds on payments for chips drawn by any participant at any time for any reason.

Once all of the chips are drawn by participants and paid for (1 thru 300), we will announce a date for the winning chip to be drawn randomly from all of the sold chips by the officiant of the contest. The winning chip number and the purchaser will be notified within 24hrs of the winning chip drawing. The winner will have 30 days to claim the winning prize. If the winner does not claim the prize by 12 midnight of the 30th day from the announcement of the winner, the drawing of that specific chip will be voided and another drawing date will be announced and held to draw an alternate winning chip. Any alternate winning chip drawn will be bound to the same rules for claiming the prize as the previous drawn chips.

There is no scheduled “winning chip” drawing date for this event. The event will end ONLY when all of the available chips have been sold.

Participants are allowed to draw and purchase as may chips as they would like.

How to participate:

Any person 18 yrs of age or older may participate in this event. Chips can be drawn in person, during normal business hours, at:


Or you can have a chip drawn on your behalf by the contest officiant by phone call, video calling, or text message. If a participant choses to use a phone call, video calling, or text message to have a chip drawn by the officiant on their behalf, that participant agrees that by having the officiant physically drawing their chip for them legally obligates the participant to pay the value associated with the drawn chip to complete the transaction.

A participant can also draw a chip at any of the events where the drawing is actively made available for people to participate. See events posted on social media for events dates and times.


The participant announced as the winner of this contest will be responsible for ALL fees, taxes, insurance, shipping and/or licensing cost associated with the ownership transfer to the winning participants name and transport of the vehicle to the owner. 

The winning participant will have 30 days, from the date of the announcement of the winner, to pay all cost associated with winning the vehicle and pickup or transport of the vehicle. If the vehicle is left beyond the 30 day time frame, the participant will automatically incur a daily storage fee of 50$ for every day after the 30 days until the vehicle is removed from the facility by the winner or the winners transport provider. Rehab Garage LLC, its staff, and or owners are not responsible for any damage to the vehicle during the 30 day window of time after the announcement of the winner to pick up the vehicle or any of the additional time that the vehicle is left at the facility. If storage fees are incurred on the vehicle, ALL of the fees due must be paid in full before the vehicle will be released to the winning participant. 

The vehicle is advertised during the contest as a running and driving vehicle, but is NOT advertised as a NEW or perfect vehicle. All participants of this contest will knowingly be participating to win a USED car with possible imperfections. The car is offered in this contest AS IS with no warranties or guarantees attached to the vehicle. The vehicle does have a valid legal title of ownership.

All persons that knowingly participate in this contest understand that they may or may not win the contest. Any concerns, disputes, or suggestions should be directed to the event officiant, Rehab Garage LLC, 723 S Cherry St, Tomball TX 77375.